Melanie did me a solid and filled in for me yesterday, so I thought it only appropriate that I follow in her footsteps tonight, with my own rendition of Five for Friday!

1. I’m screwing up my kids. I must be. Just about everyone I know has some kind of issue because of their mom or related to their relationship with their mom.  No, really.  Please raise your hand if you do not have mom baggage…

Anyone? Bueller?

my point exactly. We’ve all got it.  Which, via the theory of transmutation – or something – my kids are gonna have it too.  Something I’m doing right now is eventually going to screw them up!  What could it be?? (okay, I may have an idea or two…)


2.  Thank goodness they have 3 moms.  Plenty of others to blame it on!  Oh, wait…

3. Gratefulness.  It is high on my list of priorities to raise children who are grateful.  I just think that life is better when you are able to appreciate it.  So, we talk frequently about being grateful and what behaviors show that we are grateful, or not…and the kids get it, in theory, but it doesn’t always pan out in reality.  Like when we were at DISNEY WORLD THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH WHERE EVERY CHILD DREAMS OF GOING, and they were still bickering, whining, and being crabby. ::headdesk:: But as I was thinking about it the other day, it occurred to me that what has led to my ability to be truly grateful for this crazy beautiful life are the struggles, the sadness, and the pain that I have endured.  Spring is most appreciated after a long hard winter, ya know? My children will learn this too. They will grow to have grateful hearts, but sadly that will probably involve some pain along the way.  So when I think about it that way, they can wait.

4.  Lying.  Oh how I despise children lying.  Never mind the fact that it is a normal childhood stage, is a sign of intelligence, and goodness knows I did it plenty as a child…yeah, never mind all that. I just plain hate it. Nothing boils my blood like dishonestly!

5.  Glimmers of hope. Teenagers scare the frig out of me.  Specifically having teenagers (  I hear about the conversations they have in the halls of school, or the drug/alcohol use rates, and let’s not even get into it with the e-cigs. They say, “little kids, little problems…big kids, big problems.” Ugh. I can only imagine.  BUT, my whole outlook was saved by the most awesome encounter.  I was at McDonald’s with the family for a soccer fundraiser earlier in the week.  I noticed 2 young teen boys at the table across from us just hanging out.  Some might say loitering. They had a shopping bag full of something that they kept shoving back and forth. They got up to go just a few minutes before we did and that’s when I figured out what was in the bag.  Lollipops! A whole bunch of them, which they were scattering randomly outside the restaurant Easter-egg-hunt-style.  They were even tucking a few under windshield wipers.  Lovely little acts of random lollipop kindness!  It made my children’s entire night to find these sweet treats. Mine too. Kids these days!


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