Ever since we found our dream home on April 5th our world has been spinning and spinning and spinning!


While I am super excited about finding our “forever” home, I am still overwhelmed by the amount of effort it takes to pack, move and plan renovation work before even physically moving into the house. Major shout out to the mom’s out there who have been able to do this and not get gray hair!

Everyone says, “Enjoy this exciting time,” or “How exciting, you get to build your dream kitchen.” While this is true, it’s still a lot of decisions to make before even living in the house. To top it off my husband is working around the clock for the next week while I am home packing with a two-year old, who doesn’t understand the meaning of patience. Also, while I like making decisions, after about a dozen of them, you get tired of it and want some input.

Nonetheless, we close on May 23 and will have exactly four weeks to demolish the kitchen, paint every wall, ceiling, closet and install new flooring, cabinets, and all electrical and plumbing work in the kitchen. We will also have to set up all our furniture and get our daughter’s room ready. We sure have our hands full and I will have to rely on family and friends to help with childcare and housework. We even have a renovation and babysitter schedule drafted, which I am hoping we can stick to.

I am lucky though, my husband is very handy and talented. He can truly fix and install anything. I have a feeling I am going to have to “return the favor” in the very near future for him turning my kitchen dream into a reality. HA!

To all the mamma’s out there who have moved or renovated a house while working and being a mom – can you give me any advice? What kept you sane? What worked or didn’t work for you? How did you close your to-do list book at night and just relax?

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