This Magical Monday I’m grateful for:

* The ability to take my family to the circus this coming Friday! I used my “Pleasure Account” to buy the tickets and we get to go at 10:30 in the morning when it won’t be so crowded. I think I’m more excited than my kids ~ I’ve never been to the circus!

* Clearing out some useless old blackberry brambles in my yard over the weekend ~ there’s just something so satisfying about pulling up those thorny f*ckers from the roots. Now we’re going to use that area for swings, forts, flowers and other fun stuff. So happy to be adding another dimension to our yard.

* Taking my family to my aerial studio’s Open Stage night on Friday. There were some inspiring and breath-taking acts that have left me so motivated to excel on my aerial silks! I know I can do it too!

* Allowing my kids their uncomfortable feelings without taking them on myself ~ this is a challenging one for me and I’m always so grateful when I can do it.

* Chocolate milk from a local dairy ~ YUM!

* Green grass, dandelions, and violets all over my yard!

* Red tulips that hubby bought me sitting in a blue mason jar ~ so pretty.

* Giving my family the year off from Mother’s Day. I don’t want the pressure on any of us. We skipped Valentine’s Day this year too and THAT was so satisfying. We’ll also be skipping Father’s Day.

* Deciding to come up with our own made-up holidays ~ like “Fun Food Day” and “Camping Day” and “Bouncy House Day.”

* Yummy Mexican food at Jalapeno Heaven in Branford! It’s not much to look at but the food is super-yum!

* Having the energy and motivation to be in my yard ~ I’ve been doing a lot of clean-up and I look forward to the planting and creative side of it next. I want a couple of water-gardens/tadpole ponds which I’ll put in whiskey barrels or galvanized tubs.

* Planning a trip to the frog pond soon so we can bring some tadpoles home.

What’s making you smile this Magical Monday? ♥

Our first frog pond

Our first frog pond

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