Let’s go see the Twin Freaks! (credit: wikipedia)

One of the biggest jokes amongst mothers of multiples (MoMs) is the “unusual” questions that we often get regarding our kids. Many of my MoM friends get really annoyed by the questions; I don’t mind them much because questions are mostly innocent and well-intended. I know that for many people, multiples are a novelty and a great conversation starter, and I personally kinda like the attention that being a Mom of Multiple brings along because it highlights what a blessing and miracle my children truly are.

If, however, you add the element of being Asian to the mix, having twins apparently becomes the “Amazing Asian Twin Freak Show.” Thankfully the freakish-like attention is not as prominent as it once was when they were infants. The questions and comments that I have gotten from people who are sometimes a few screws short of a full set just sometimes make me wonder what our education system is teaching our kids in biology class. I mean, I know that Freshman Biology was probably a long time ago for many people, but some of the questions are just…well…to put it lightly…not the most intelligent questions.

Are they twins? I can understand this question because my two are so different in size. When they were infants, the question was sometimes baffling only because that would have had to mean that I had two babies within about a 2 month span of each other. Now that they are bigger and look like little kids, it’s hard to really tell exactly how old they are. This one doesn’t bother me at all.

Which one is older? It must be the boy because he’s so much bigger than she is. Yes, the boy is older…by one minute. That doesn’t explain their size differential, though, because they are the same age.

But he’s older, right? Technically, I don’t know which one was conceived first, so no…technically he is not older.

Are they identical? No, they are not identical. One has a penis and one does not.

Are you sure? Because they sure look identical. You really should get them tested. I have gotten this question twice and both times, I have not known what to say in response. I never know if people say this because my kids are siblings and look similar, or what the deal is. But yes, I’m 100% sure they’re not identical because again, one has a penis and one does not.

I NEVER knew Asians could have twins!!!! Uh yeah, yes we can. Last time I checked, we are humans. And I hate to break it to you but other animal species can also have twins.

(In response to the above) Oh yeah…weren’t those Siamese Twins from the Guinness Book of World Records Asian? Uh, yes. They were Asian. But once again…I don’t know what to say except go back to your 9th grade biology book to see how and what Siamese twins are (here’s a hint: I can assure you with zero element of doubt that my twins are not identical).

What ethnicity are you and your husband? I’m Korean and my husband is Taiwanese. Oh, so your daughter must be Taiwanese and your son is Korean? (note: she looks like dad, he looks like me). Um…no. They are ethnically mixed – half Korean and half Taiwanese. And 100% American.

I really generally don’t judge people when they ask me about my twins, and any twin mom will tell you that we do get a lot of unusual questions (particularly when the kids were infants). I love my twins, I love talking about my twins, and I know that very well-intentioned people just find it sweet that we have twins. But yes, interesting questions keep me on my toes and keep me entertained.

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