Spring is my favorite time of year. Just when I think winter will never end, there are those small signs that the season has arrived. Crocus, daffodils, and the riot of early morning bird songs during sunrise. Now I look forward to Spring, May in particular, because of my son’s Birthday.


How did this little peanut of a baby become this often opinionated and sometimes really funny kid? The seemingly mundane experience of raising children has become such a joy for me, and seven years has gone by so quickly. I wanted to pause in the midst of the birthday parties, pizza, gifts, toys, and meltdowns to just appreciate the gift that being his mother has been.

2011 1

Noah, I love watching you enjoy life and consume every experience like it’s the last. Often wondering, “what’s next!” When you laugh, it’s from the belly. From the moment you discovered trains in every shape and size, to your love of reading (mostly non-fiction). When you cry, it’s from the depths of your very self, reminding me that whatever it is…in the moment it’s really that important. You have reminded me to live life well and to the fullest. Every insecurity and self-doubt you have makes me want to push through all of my own doubts and insecurities, just to offer you an example of courage. As a brother and a friend, you always try and when you don’t understand, you try again.

2011 4

In the next year, I wish you laughter and joy, in the hope it establishes the foundation of what is so important in life. I wish you a little disappointment, to learn that some things in life are worth working hard to achieve or perhaps lead you to the next steps. I wish you curiosity and hope, to find those things in life you never imagined existed.


As always, I wish you love and to love, even when its difficult. As I stare at your long legs and ‘grown’ teeth, I wonder where the time has gone. I wish you health. Its been seven years since you made me a Mom and its been the greatest gift yet.

Happy Birthday Little Man!!!

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