Well, this morning I felt like I earned my Worst Mother of the Year badge when I accidentally took a chunk out of my baby’s finger while cutting his nails.  It was awful.  The bleeding, the crying (both him and me) and the terrible thoughts of having to take my child to go get a blood transfusion after extreme amounts of blood loss.  I know, I was *probably* over reacting, but you should have seen the blood people!  I tried applying pressure; running his little finger under cold water; and even squirted loads of breast milk – my go to healing remedy – on it.  To no avail.  I started to panic when it wouldn’t stop bleeding after 20 minutes.  My baby’s cries were like little daggers piercing my heart.  “Crap.  I am the worst mother ever,” was all that kept running through my head.

Fortunately, I have my naturopathic doctor on speed dial.  She is my go-to person for when I am in a state of worry.  She advised me to wet a black tea bag and apply it to the wound.  I’m a big chamomile tea drinker, but I rarely have black tea on hand.  It’s a good thing I just had a tea party themed birthday party for my daughter over the weekend and so I happened to have plenty of it at home!  I wet the tea bag and applied it to my shrieking baby’s finger for a couple of minutes.  Thank goodness it worked. Apparently, the tannins in black tea have an antiseptic and astringent effect that produce a tightening of the skin and even cause a fake skin to form over the wound.  Perfect to treat cuts and wounds and to stop the bleeding. The tannins in black tea are also good for treating sunburn.  Who knew?!  I can’t believe how in just a few minutes, my baby’s gash went from bleeding profusely to looking almost fully healed.  I tried to document this moment and take pictures, but it was a bit chaotic so they all came out blurry.  It also seemed a bit cruel to hold my upset baby still while I shot photos for posterity. But I digress.

So the moral of this this story is:  Moms, make sure you stock up on black tea in your cupboards!


Tea is not just for sipping. It’s a great remedy to heal your kids boo-boos!

Looking back, it is funny how in the course of a half hour I went from feeling like a powerless mom to fearless wound healer.  I love being able to use some of the seemingly common household items we have at home and turn them into healing remedies for my kids instead of running to the pediatrician over every emergency. I swear these kids teach me something new every day.  Now my little baby is sleeping soundly by my side.  Sure he smells of spicy chai, but he is happy.

Do you have any natural healing remedies to share?  If so, tell us in the comments section.

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