When my daughter was born she had had a tiny bit of brown fuzz that covered her head. Over those first several months, the hair slowly fell out – all except for a tiny patch at the base of her neck. As the hair grew back (blonde!) as she got older, the original patch continued to grow, too.

She had developed sweet little baby curls, but she was also working on a pretty sweet early-90’s rat’s tail back there, too.

Despite looking like a bad throwback, I didn’t have the heart to cut her hair – not my baaaaaabyyyyy! – and now at 3 years old, she still hasn’t had her first true haircut. I received mixed comments from people about whether I should cut the one curl off or not – if they even notice at all. We were lucky at least that the extra long piece ended in a curl and was sometimes bouncy enough to blend in with the rest of her hair. Still, regardless of what others thought, the lock stayed.

Showing off the rat's tail with Auntie Gena. Photo credit C.Allard

Showing off the rat’s tail with Auntie Gena.
Photo credit C.Allard

Well, my daughter’s third birthday party was approaching and I thought maybe it was time. I mean I let it go for three years whole years, right? The other day while while my daughter was in the bath, I asked my husband to sneak me the small scissors from the medicine cabinet. Then just like that, very unceremoniously, I snipped the curl off.

She didn’t notice (she never was aware it was there in the first place), my husband was happy it finally happened, and it didn’t pain me like I thought it might. It may have taken me a few days to actually put the curl in the trash (no, I’m not one to save a lock of hair forever) but I did do that eventually, too.

At three years old, she may no longer be my baby, but she’s still my little girl. While it’s still way to early to “cut the cord” and send my daughter off on her own, it was time to cut the curl and let her continue into toddlerhood…minus only one small piece of hair.

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