When I asked my daughter a few months ago what kind of birthday party she wanted her immediate response was a watermelon party! I’m not sure where she got that idea from, we don’t really eat that much watermelon in our house although we do all enjoy it. I really loved the idea of this though and thought it was super cute that she picked this theme! And she never wavered, never considered changing her mind even after attending her friend’s birthday parties that were Frozen themed and tea party themed. She told me that the two things she really wanted at her party were a watermelon dress and a watermelon cake. I knew I had to make this happen.

Little did I know how challenging it is to find watermelon party decorations in an actual store. I couldn’t find them anywhere and just didn’t feel like running around to every single party store. So I took to the internet and stumbled upon an esty shop that sells party decorations. And she had watermelon decorations that are SUPER cute! Score! They cost me like $22 and I had to print them out myself but the seller was really nice and the decorations come customized with your child’s name. I will say that I started to get a blister on my finger from cutting everything out but it came out wonderfully.


The decoration package came with these cute, customized cupcake toppers so I used them on these super yummy very vanilla cupcakes that I made from scratch:


Additional cute decorations included getting some green and red balloons from the store and drawing black dots on the red balloons to make them fit the theme. Super easy to do – just grab a sharpie!


Pre-party, I got kind of overwhelmed looking at pinterest for ideas. People do some really clever things with watermelon but I opted for straight up thick watermelon slices. I did take a stab at using the melon baller but people seemed to enjoy the slices better. Lesson learned! Also, Honest Kids has fruit punch juice boxes that have a watermelon picture on the front. Perfect for this kind of party!


I can’t forget about the cake. My daughter went on and on about how she wanted a watermelon cake! I figured the easiest thing to do was to buy the watermelon roll from Friendly’s and fortunately the Friendly’s near me had them in stock. And as you can see – the kids were pretty excited about it!


That brings us to the dress. The dress I really wanted to get my daughter was from a different seller on Etsy but she was heading out on vaca and couldn’t make it for me. So I contacted my friend Anna who made my daughter an adorable tutu as a birthday gift last year and asked her for directions. Turns out it’s pretty easy to make your own tutu (directions here) and I had a blast making a big, fluffy, red & green tutu for her! My mom also found a watermelon shirt at Kohls so my girl got her wish (and how cute are little girls in tutu’s?!) Here she is:


Other than that stuff, we just had the kids outside in our big backyard and they seemed to have a great time playing with our outside toys. Their favorite by far was the little playhouse that, ironically, my daughter hardly goes in.

How many kids fit in this thing??

How many kids fit in this thing??

If you’re looking at planning a similar party your best bet is to head over to Pinterest for some fun ideas! Happy watermelon season!

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