So… As many mothers of young children know, there is a period of your life when you know that you will be schlepping stuff around for a number of years. This is quite acceptable since you are now carrying diaper bags, diapers, formula or breast pumps, spit cloths, baby wipes, baby food, you name it. The bag weighs 47 pounds and you look at it as a physical workout. There is also the hauling of car seats, strollers, baby carriers and a multitude of other baby “stuff” that comes along with young children. What I wasn’t counting on was that I would be schlepping…


Oh yes young mothers! I too was under the impression that once my kids were old enough, the schlepping of all this junk would be over.

With each and every passing year, there would be more “stuff” to schlep! As they grew it seemed that the items we were schlepping got larger. Now, instead of a 47-pound diaper bag it was a tricycle and picnic stuff to meet other moms at the park who had kids who were out of diapers but not quite in school. When they got into school it was even worse! Now I was schlepping science projects, tons of library books for school projects that the kids hardly read anyway, extra clothes for after school activities, you name it.

So you would think that when they got out of grade school this would have waned a little. No my dear friends…

It only got worse!

With high school came sports… AND musicals… AND Show Choirs… AND still the proverbial yet hideous Science Projects, (God I wish they would give that up already!) and I was still running. Anyway, between uniforms, gym cloths that the kid forgot, books that were left in the dining room and any other array of a million forgotten things that four kids could forget, I was still schlepping.

They finally grew up and got their own places and you would think this would have come to an end? Oh no my pretties! After they all left, I found myself with a whole new set of circumstances that hasn’t let me rest. When the crash of 2007 hit, I pretty much lost my ad agency. So I had to reinvent myself to pay the bills.

As you all know… I am a fine artist. I am a pastelist and an oil painter.
So that’s what I started to do again… paint!
And in order to make any real money at this career I started to teach.
And in order to make good money at teaching art you have to do workshops. And you know what follows… YOU HAVE TO TRAVEL!

So here I am at 63-years old schlepping tons of art materials, cameras, suitcases, etc. on and off planes and schlepping through international airports and hotels and I can’t believe that I am still SCHLEPPING!

I guess my tale of woe could be worse. I guess I was lucky to reinvent myself at this late stage in life. I just wanted to warn all of you out there that the schlepping seems to be a continual activity in working mom’s lives.

Have to go now. My suitcase is waiting!




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