1. I used to be able to stand in 3″ heels for hours.  Now, my feet start to swell and hurt after standing around a bar for 20 minutes.  Does this mean I have to trade in my fancy stilettos for Dr. Scholl’s?

2. I freeze like a deer in headlights when I am being “cat called” by an unknown man on the street. It’s been a long time folks, I’m a little rusty on the quick comebacks.

3. Conversation with my girlfriends usually revolve around my children and in particular, my adorable baby boy at home and the strange poop he had the other day.

4.  Speaking of conversation, it so nice to be able to talk with friends without being interrupted by a crying/whining toddler or distracted by a constantly nursing baby.

5.   As soon as my drink was ready at the bar, I felt my breast milk come in.

6.  Now I’m worrying the whole time about leaking through my shirt.

7.  My tolerance has decreased.  I now feel pretty buzzed with one glass of wine.  You’d probably have to scrape me off the floor if I consumed a martini.

8.  I feel a sense of accomplishment that I was able to stay awake and coherent the entire time.

9.  Coming home after 10 pm is considered “late.”  When I was in college, we used to leave our dorm to GO OUT at 10 pm.

10.  I now have an amazing hubby and beautiful sleeping children to come home to. And that’s pretty awesome.


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