I have a lot of topics swirling around in my head this week. I can’t decide what to write about, so I’m going to write a little about all of them. I hope y’all don’t mind.

Stranger Danger

Have you talked to your kids about this yet? I hadn’t really, since my girls are newly three and nearly five and are… never really out of the sight of either us or a trusted caregiver. They don’t ride buses, they don’t venture out alone, they don’t play outside even in our yard alone. You know what? Due to the next topic I’m going to discuss, I’m going to leave this one vague. Strangers, consider yourselves warned: my kids are prepared. Don’t even think about it, creeps. We don’t want your candy, or to ride in your car, or to look for your lost dog. TAKE A HIKE.

Social Media Exposure of Our Children

Yesterday was Liv’s kindergarten orientation and I posted a photo of her standing in front of her new school on my Facebook wall. Some loving friends mentioned that I might be sharing too much online.  Posting her standing in front of her elementary school might make it easier for a creeper to get her. Now listen, I’m not being flip here. I am a complete BASKET CASE when it comes to my children and their safety. But, I thought that because there’s only one elementary school in our town, it would be pretty obvious and easy to know where she’s going regardless of whether or not I share it. Am I being naive? I’ll ask my retired police officer father in law. I’m certain he will answer in the affirmative. Great. One more thing to be terrified of. I already am dead set against her riding the bus. Don’t even try to sweet talk me. It’s not happening.  Do your kids have their first names embroidered on their backpacks? Mine does. Because, come on. She’s not falling for the, “Oh, HI, OLIVIA!” thing. Except, how do I know that? PS? Again, I say to the stalkers… TOUCH MY KIDS AND NOBODY WILL EVER EVER FIND YOUR BODY. I SWEAR TO YOU. Ahem. Moving on.


MAN, I’m all fraught with emotion over this. I mean, she’s been in a legit full day school program for two years now. Why is kindergarten hitting me so hard right in the FEELS!??! And, along those lines, am I the only one (this is rhetorical because I know I’m not) who is all HET UP over the delay in the magnet school lottery up here in the Hartford area? We are a transfer family and therefore HOPEFULLY our girls will have spots, but damn, it’s NEARLY JUNE. I had to send Liv to our town orientation because… well, she’s got to go SOMEWHERE. And don’t get me wrong, I like our town very much. I like her potential (probable?) new school very much. I am, however, painfully aware of the lack of diversity there and it is, well, very painful. That’s a whole post in an of itself.


There was a recent discussion about what parents are feeding their children and comments directly relating to the weight and appearance of those children. As the parent of a child who’s considered overweight, I’d like to give a big eff you to the people judging overweight kids. Stop judging. JUST STOP IT RIGHT NOW. I encourage you to 1) think twice before you assume anything about anyone based on what essentially boils down to your perceptions and prejudices and 2) make damn sure you watch your mouth around my kids because the last thing my children need is you fat shaming them at the age of three and, perhaps most importantly and in the words of my dear friend’s own three year old, 3) WORRY ABOUT YOUR OWN SELF.

And finally… KING CURTIS


Honestly, this has ZERO to do with the above thought. I just love King Curtis. You can be nice, or you can leave mah house.

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