Tuesday’s drive home from work was like every other drive home. For the 30 minuets it takes to drive that stretch of the state I let my mind wonder but mostly I think about our daughter. I cannot wait to get home and give her a big kiss. Whenever I get home I’m greeted as if I am the queen (far from!). My daughter cannot wait to see me, and I enjoy every second of it! Our daughter spends about 1-2 hours with just my husband in the afternoon before I get home, so he gets alone time with her.

Back to Tuesday… so the drive home I thought about how I couldn’t wait to make dinner, eat together and go play outside! Maybe we would go for a walk, maybe just play with outside toys or maybe go to the park! When I arrived I was greeted by my daughter and husband and I went into full mommy mode- cooking dinner and grabbing my phone to call about a daycare opening (hate being on my phone at that time of the night, but it was needed). While doing all of that I engaged in conversation with our 2-year-old.

Sounds like a great night, eh?! Well, all that came crashing down when my husband tells me our internet connection isn’t working in our house. I really didn’t care or think much of it until my husband said… “Don’t you need the internet to complete grading in your online classes?” Duh! What was I thinking, of course I needed internet! After our daughter goes to bed I usually hit our at home gym and the computer (not at the same time). So what do I do? Well, while making dinner and playing with our daughter, I called our internet provider. I ate dinner with my husband and daughter while talking on speaker phone to the representative. I went outside to play with my daughter while talking to the same representative. My daughter kept running up to me saying, “Mommy, mommyyyyy, play with me!!!” Breaking my heart, literally. I kept saying to the internet representative over and over again, “I really just need help and I really want to play with my daughter.” Thinking back on it, I sounded crazy!

Or did I just sound like a mom that really wanted to be with her daughter and shut off the rest of the world?! My entire night with my daughter was turned upside down in a split second and I needed to just roll with “it”. This is something I am learning to do because it does not come very naturally to me. I was really mad, mad at the world for messing up my night with my daughter and mad that I let it get the best of me. When the representative was all set he said, “I’m sorry it took so long, I understand how hard it is to be on the phone while you really want to be with your family.” He understood… and that gave me some comfort. After hanging up the phone all I wanted to do was run around with my daughter before her bedtime! And that is exactly what I did!

Will I ever learn to just roll with “it” or will I always resent having to “deal” with issues during my mommy time with my daughter before bed?

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