dons eyes I have had the pleasure of looking into these beautiful blue eyes for the last 5 years. My son and oldest child, Donald, turns five years old this week. It certainly has been a ride, that’s for sure. And, for as much as he has grown, I too have learned a lot about myself, motherhood, and being a family. In honor of this monumental birthday (it’s huge in my mind), I would like to take a moment to reflect on 5 of the most important lessons my son has taught me thus far.



Top 5 Lessons Learned in Five Years:

1. Life- the every day, like going to the park, riding a bike, shopping at Walgreens, or watching a tv show, is so very interesting and exciting;

2. People, their interests, their tastes, and their personalities grow and change and it is a lot easier and more pleasant to go with the flow than to fight against it;

3. Dunkin Donuts chocolate glazed donuts are just that good;

4. Actively listening and asking questions is a helpful skill in school, work, your personal life, and apparently, motherhood;

5. An unprompted, “I love you”, feels really, really good.

don and mom at parade

It has been a joy getting to see the world through those eyes. I am so excited to get to celebrate my son and all that he has given me! If anyone sees me this week and I’m crying, just ignore me, they are tears of joy, I promise.


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