Please give me the patience not to scream at any of my clients, family or friends today! Although I believe some of them truly deserve to be locked away somewhere away from the rest of the world, I ask that I keep me from doing that. It’s really not good form.

I also need to have the strength to keep my big blathering mouth shut. I know, I know…. I know that there are those occasions when I have to visit a Podiatric surgeon to remove said foot from my mouth. I really try though. I really do… but sometimes I stand in awe of the words that have just left my lips that I can never again take back. Sorry. I really need help with that.

And please, PLEASE, let my husband win just ONE Lotto before he leaves the face of the earth??? For the last 38 years of my marriage he has been trying to win that stupid thing! Win For Life would do just fine. I’ll even settle for a trifecta at the OTB! Has to be a good chunk of change though or he won’t feel that his ship has come in. His kids believe that that ship sunk years ago. I would sincerely appreciate it.

I need to make the air conditioner run this year without having to call the service guy who charges me hundreds of dollars because mice have electrocuted themselves in the wires? Stupid animals. Who builds a nest in an air conditioning unit and then chews on the electrical wires? No wonder they are the chosen lot for medical experimentation! Not much good for anything else.

I’ve been working really, REALLY hard at losing that last ten lousy pounds at Weight Watchers. I need help with that? I sure would appreciate getting back into my size 10’s. It’s kind of difficult being a fine artist and all. Between the wine and the food at Artists Receptions, it’s not easy to find “health food.” I need to find some cake that doesn’t put five pounds on me just because I look at it.

But most of all… All kidding aside… thank you for my family and friends, for a roof over my head and food on the table. I feel blessed to be given the gift of being a painter and a teacher and for the work that sustains me. I am grateful for my health and being able to vent when things really get tough. Gotta run now.

Chat again soon.


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