Over a month ago, I was introduced to a Paleo-like diet called the Whole 30. Some comments I’ve read have called it an extreme version of Paleo or Paleo on Steroids. Up until thirty days ago, I didn’t actually know what any of this meant.

In any case, after several serious discussions, we decided to put our whole family on the Whole 30, for thirty days. Our goal: create a baseline of nutrition and identify any foods that may be impacting our overall health and behavior (both kids and adults). So we set out on a no dairy, no grains, no beans, no sugar, no processed food and mostly organic eating. Not bad for two women who can set a record for most consecutive nights of takeout.

Here is the list of my top ten moments in our quest for better nutrition:

10. Watching my wife clean out the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator. After Eight hours, five trash bags and two trips to Shelter; our kitchen looked like we just moved in. There were at most five items left on the shelf.

9.  I traveled thirty minutes to the grocery store, walking the aisles trying to recognize anything I can add to the mountain of vegetables. I’m ready to walk out of the meat aisle in protest. 25 dollars for chicken?! My daughter choses that moment to climb to the top of the nearest shelf, twirl and land in a rather graceful slide in front of my cart. If 25 dollar chicken will decrease that level of hyperactivity, I’ll pay!

8. In the first few days of healthier eating, life was rather desperate:

“Can we have Taco Bell?” my son asks.

“I’m sorry honey, that’s not on the list.

“What about McDonald’s?” That’s not on the list either.

“Pizza…?” I shake my head no.

“What is on the list?!” He mutters walking out of the room. Not much…but at least I didn’t say it!

7. “Where did Sage get gum?”, I asked my mother after school pick up.”Oh…gum is not on the list?!”

6. Is that for this month’s mortgage payment?! Nope…that is the grocery bill for the week.

5. Three birthday parties in one weekend? Well, that’s not funny…just rotten luck! Thank goodness for thoughtful friends and family providing ‘compliant’ food options.

4. Making the executive decision to let our children eat one thing not on the list at these three birthday parties. As if we had a choice. At least bargaining limits the amount of ‘unhealthy’ food they ate.

3. From my son: “Did Sage get cake at today’s Birthday party?”
Answer: “No…you know she doesn’t eat cake?” I respond. To my wife I whisper, “…she only eats the frosting!”

2. After setting out strawberries, banana’s, carrots, applesauce, and chicken, my daughter climbs the kitchen counter, reaching for the cabinet doors. “What are you looking for?” I ask. “Food!”, she replies.

1. As I set out to make breakfast, lunch and dinner this morning I realize… we have twenty more days to go.

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