Call me lazy, call me late for dinner, call me whatever you want.  This is one of those weeks where there is something going on every day and we don’t eat dinner at home, or together, or on time and instead of running around from activity to activity I really want to be snuggled on the couch with Honey binge watching Orange is the New Black.  So, when I stumbled onto this list on this blog that I discovered and LOVE I knew I needed to steal it (with credit of course).


Making: banana bread with the girls, there were a few too many bananas hanging out in the freezer

Cooking: Not a whole lot, busy week.  Last week I did make a banging chicken curry with the red curry sauce from Trader Joe’s.  Yum!

Reading: Love Life by Rob Lowe.  I got his second book for Mother’s Day.  Not as good as the first but still great.

Wanting: more hours in the day to do what I love with the people I love

Looking: at a desk full of end of the year paperwork

Playing: lots of iTunes radio lately, I’m digging the top 50 alternative station, but the 80s pop station is great too

Sewing: This is just plain funny.  I don’t sew.

Wishing: I could jump to next Wednesday when I have the whole summer with my family to enjoy

Enjoying: Iced coffee with Irish cream. Try it, you’ll thank me.  I use Cool Swan (thanks for the suggestion Faith Middleton!)

Loving: This picture:

photo (5)

Photo credit: C. Fuss


Hoping: that we find a new nanny that can hold a candle to our beloved Liz whose last day was last Friday as she prepares to compete again for Miss Connecticut America before she heads off to law school at LSU in July.

Needing: the ever elusive good-night’s sleep

Smelling: the mint chocolate truffle I just ate

Feeling: Proud of myself for sticking with the Runner’s World Run Streak challenge.  I haven’t run everyday, but I have challenged myself to some level of physical activity above and beyond “normal” from Memorial Day until Fourth of July.  Haven’t missed a day yet, even though there have been MANY days I’ve wanted to.

Wearing: this cool tassel necklace

Following: The news stories about Tracey Morgan’s and Amy Van Dyken Rouen’s accidents.  Prayers to them for speedy and full recoveries.

Noticing: How profoundly affected everyone around me (myself included) was by Maya Angelou’s death.  For me, it felt deeply personal which is a true testament to her legacy.

Knowing: My faith in things working out the way they are supposed to is strong.  That has been difficult for me to accept this spring and has taken constant effort on my part.  Knowing and trusting this has never led me astray. [DISCLAIMER: I am okay, there is nothing wrong with me or my family, it was just a trying spring for lots of reasons.  No need to PM, email, or text me concerned.]

Bookmarking: Everything I can about how to run a half marathon.  Surf Town here I come!

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