Sometimes I feel like I’ve got three kids instead of two.  Two tiny kids and one BIG KID.  You know the type- a husband.  Some moms joke that their husbands can behave more like a big kid than a responsible Dad, but let me tell you- this has worked in my favor on tons of occasions.  So, in honor of Father’s Day this weekend, here’s my top 10 list of why I love it when my husband acts like a big kid:

liv dad

1.) I totally don’t mind it when I’m not on the receiving end of getting walloped by my 3 feet tall, 31 pound son.  You want someone to be your human trampoline?  There’s DADDY!

2.) I look for a lot of redeeming qualities in a man.  I have since changed my tastes now that I have kids- One of the qualities I LOVE about my husband is that he, just like most big kids, are early weekend risers.  Who wants to watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates at 7:30 on a Saturday morning?  DADDY! YAY!

3.) Being a short order cook is every Mom’s side gig.  The fact that my husband cooks literally the fluffiest, cheesiest scrambled eggs on this planet is a HUGE asset to our marriage.  This is also a huge asset to early weekend morning wake ups with hungry toddlers.  Who better than to share a big plate of eggs with than DADDY!?

4.) My husband is a huge Apple nerd.  Steve Jobs was his idol.  He loves his Apple toys as much as I love my designer handbags, and has probably spent about the same on his as I do on on mine.  He can use his iPad to call up a YouTube app of a bear eating a fish in 5 seconds time to amuse a bored and restless three year old.  Thank GOD for small miracles.

5.) My husband is a card carrying member of the clean plate club.  A lot of times us Moms joke about how our kids eat half the food off of our plate, but in some cases, they LEAVE more food on their own plates than they’ve eaten.  My husband will stalk our kid’s half eaten buttery grilled cheese like a hawk, and when the coast is clear, swoop in and devour it.  If there’s one thing I love about kids and husbands is GOOD EATERS.

6.) Appreciating the fine art of getting dirty is so hot.  There is nothing more attractive to me than watching my husband play in the dirt with Jake.  He could care less about getting his Sperry’s full of sand, or sweating through his Vineyard Vines polos.  It makes my heart so happy to watch him being a big kid at the beach.  THROW THAT MAN A SHOVEL!!

7.) Letting Livvy play hairdresser without saying a peep makes me smile.  Being a fiesty little 9 month old with grabby sticky hands can be a liability some times!  Your head is within reach, and you may find yourself with a baby fist full of your hair on lock down.  What does my husband do in these instances?  Let it ride! He will let Livvy grab, pull, and otherwise pull OUT his hair while she’s playing with him.  Good thing he likes his baseball hats…

8.) Must love cartoons.  Ok, maybe that’s a little bit of a stretch, but Mike is a sucker for a good comic book super hero.  Right now we’re very big into Batman, Superman, and Spiderman, and who better to watch these shows with than a 6 foot tall big kid who can hum the Batman theme subconsiously while taking a shower?!?

9.) When not impersonating a human trampoline, my husband acts as a human jungle gym to Livvy.  Mike will lay on the sofa and let Livvy crawl all over him like she is an explorer trekking over the terrain of Mount Everest.  I am perfectly fine observing this spectacle from afar, thank you!

10.) And finally, one of the biggest reasons why I love it when my husband acts like a big kid? Because he knows how to have fun, live a life full of possibilities, and is always up for anything and everything.  There’s no other guy I’d rather share this long and crazy ride with, and for that, I love him.



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