My grandmother died December 30th in the middle of a break in of the frigid temperatures we had last winter.  This would prove to be a blessing for me.

At her little apartment she had room out front for a small graden.  Most of the area was filled with lawn tchotkes but at some point she had planted a rose bush.  For whatever reason the rose thrived in that spot.  She would often call me to report on its growth.  She would also call my father in-law, a master rosarian well known and respected in the field.  She would send him pictures of the rose and invite him over to prune it at the end of the season.  She was proud of her little rose and I think it brought her close to my father in-law and in turn helped to honor the memory of my mother in-law, also a rosarian.  In fact, until her death my mother in-law was the rosarian at Elizabeth Park and is credited with revitalizing the rose garden there and making it what it is today.  There is a plaque of her in the garden that was decidated after her death.

As so it was last winter that I told Honey I needed the rose from my grandmother’s apartment.  He called his dad.  My father in-law said he’d do what he could.  He drove over on a rare day above freezing in the two weeks we had to clean out the place and potted the rose.  From there he wintered it over in his basement.  And we waited.

Last week my father in-law came over with this:

photo 1

He had told Honey he thought the rose had faired well over the winter but wasn’t sure if it would bloom this year.  Roses can be finnicky and don’t let to be messed with.  (Just like my grandmother.)  Instead this week we were blessed with this:

photo 2 photo 3

I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see a rose bloom in all my life.  Tears of joy to be sure.  I emailed my father in-law to thank him for this incredible gift.  It means so much to me to know that not only will Nana’s rose be in our yard to enjoy but that my father in-law was the one who made it happen.  Somewhere my mother in-law and my grandmother are smiling their approval.

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