On the tough days, I count down the minutes until nap time. Until bedtime. Until I can get some space. Being home with my daughter full time, we are used to spending the majority of our time together, for better or for worse.

Then of course there are days like today where she was wonderful. Mature, not demanding of my attention to the point of exhaustion, sweet.

And where do I find myself? Despite being appreciative of the balance we had today, I’m sitting here, with her asleep upstairs, wanting more of her company. Oh man, am I head over heels for this girl!

So tonight you’ll find me, by choice, snuggled up next to her in her room, squeezing out a few more minutes of her presence for the day.

Because, for this moment, there’s no other place I’d rather be.

She has my heart. Photo credit C.Allard

She has my heart.
Photo credit C.Allard

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