Moms, how often do you have weeks where you’re just so busy that you have no time to think? Well, for me, it’s this week.

Between living in the midst of house renovations, to unpacking and attempting to keep our daughter and dog on a schedule as to not FREAK out in a new house, I am just at a loss of words.

It’s exciting, it’s great, it’s a fun time for our family and I get that. However, I just need a few minutes so I can think and breath. Looking forward to vacation later this summer.

So, this week’s post, doesn’t really have a topic, rather it’s just my rambling thoughts from this week. See below:

–        I apologize in advance to our new neighbors – hope they don’t think we are too country for washing our fruit with our front yard garden hose!

–        Why does our dog sit and look in a corner – is she in timeout or just having a hard time adjusting to the new house?

–        My husband actually thinks we have time for “one-on-one” time after we’ve both put in a 10 hour day working in the house. Ha – sorry.

–        I can’t believe I thought we could live without cable. Um, ya, that lasted all but three minutes.

–        I enjoyed having most of the week off, in fact, if I had the choice, I would probably stay home until my husband dragged me back to my cubicle.

–        Need to remember to charge my electric razor during the summer months! I hate shaving.

–        I realized that the best room to fix up as soon as you move into a new hoe is your bedroom. It’s the first and last room you daily. A nice and clean room makes for a happy day.

–        My child is resorting to her baby months and will not let me change her anywhere other than on a “baby blanket.” While its time consuming, it’s really cute.

–        Should we have a second kid? Should we not? How do we really know when we’re ready?

–        Sports bras are multifunctional when you’re doing house work. They hold up the girls and allow room for outlet covers, popsicle sticks and even hair ties. You really can fit a lot in there.

–        Shoot! I forgot about my daughter’s family picnic at school today. Off I go.

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