Before kids I was the most organized, put together, type A person you could meet. I was the organizer of social calenders, always early on work projects and never missed a deadline.

Fast forward to today.


I have dubbed this condition “Mommy Mush Brain

I have literally forgotten a simple thought two seconds after having it. I have done the classic go to get something from another room and forget what said thing is when I get there.

I have forgotten weekend plans, then see the reminder pop up on my phone an hour before and scramble to get the kids, and a gift for the party.

I have forgotten to tuck my boob back into my bra…as any normal person knows flashing is unacceptable. I would like to apologize to my neighbors.

Is Will Smith causing my memory loss?

Is Will Smith causing my memory loss?

My poor husband must think he is living with a stranger, as I am definitely not the organized person who took care of everything like I did before. Because of this condition I have been forced to do two things:

1. I have to write everything down or put a reminder for myself. I have started putting everything in my cell phone calendar and a good old paper planner. I literally forgot my own wedding anniversary the last two years. Yup, my husband did not forget…I DID.

2. I have let me husband take more control. I am realizing now that my husband is a stay-at-home dad that he can handle a lot more than I ever let him before. It had nothing to do with his ability but rather my control issues. He has now shown me that we are truly a team and although he does things differently, he can do them just as well.

I know this mommy mush brain is due to lack of sleep and taking care of two children’s lives on a daily basis but man this shit is getting ridiculous.



So to my fellow working moms when did your mommy mush brain heal??? Or am I doomed to forever forget that brushing my teeth is important as well.

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