“You always tell me what to do! You never listen to me!”

I thought I had years before I heard this statement being screamed at me by an emotional girl.  But that’s the phrase of the week coming from my 6-year old.  Lately, she has been pushing all of my buttons.  I feel like I’m asking myself several times a day “What has gotten into her lately?”



The worst is when it’s time to put on socks and shoes in the morning. This morning, it took two grown-ups, a pair of shoes in the trash, and a lot of yelling to get my daughter to put on her socks and shoes. WTF? Why is this so hard? Every. Morning.



You can picture this, right? I’m questioning my parenting and pulling out my hair. My husband has to be bad cop again and that just sucks. Zoey is in tears and that sucks too. Shoes get thrown in the garbage. We’re going to be late. Again.

panic now


But she just won’t listen. So I’m yelling, she’s crying. Then, stop the presses. She needs a hug. “RIGHT NOW! Don’t you love me? I just wanna HUG!!”  You will not distract me, child.  Wait, what were we doing? Oh right. Put your socks on!



I need relief, some advice, anything!  (It’s too early to drink, right?)  How do I get these damn socks on this flailing beastie!?  I want to call my friends and get some advice, but they’re in the same boat.



And then, once the dust settles, a serene calm blankets the land… and the shoes and socks are on!  Angels AND birds are singing.



We’re feeling really good about this parenting. We’re surviving. Hell, we’re THRIVING!  We. Have. Got. This. *Fist Bump*

high five


Until tomorrow.


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