Welcome to the smack-dab-middle-of-summer.  Camp is in full swing.  We’re almost adjusted to our summer schedule, if you can call this chaos a schedule.  We’re covered in bug bites, have dirt under our fingernails and scrub the sunscreen off most of the time daily.  Bedtime has been creeping slowly later as we try to cram in as much time together as we can while it’s light out.  It’s going by fast, but in a way moving slowly as well.

Then I open my email today and see this:


So soon? I’m not ready!!

Yep. It’s starting already.  According to Staples, Walmart, Amazon, and Zulily, it’s time to start thinking about back to school!  How nice of them, right?

too soon

But I’d be lying if I told you that going back to school wasn’t on our minds already anyway.  At least on my daughter’s mind.  Ever since kindergarten wrapped up in June, she has been worrying about first grade.  She didn’t waste any time getting herself worked up about the change.

So like any good mama with a change-averse kid, I am slowly trying to change the direction of her panic ship.  We took a trip to the library this weekend and took out a few gems to add to our bedtime ritual, because books solve all problems AMIRIGHT?:

Now, if I could only get her to READ one of these!

Now, if I could only get her to READ one of these!

Slowly and subtly, I’ve been working the benefits of being a first grader into our conversations.  Ok, maybe not subtly.  I’ve been throwing in some threats encouragement to make her do her summer reading.  “If you don’t read this ONE PAGE, they’re going to wonder what happened to the super reader they last saw in kindergarten!  Come on!  Pleeeease just read this ONE SENTENCE!”  There’s no shame it in, mamas.  None.

In my finer moments, I try to talk up how cool it’s going to be as a first grader and all the things they get to do that kindergarteners don’t.   You’re not the youngest ones in the school anymore!  You know where the cafeteria is!  You know all the kids in your grade already!  I’m not making huge progress and I’m running out of ideas.  The other day she told me her master plan.  She wants to stay in her kindergarten class with Mrs. Jensen and be the “helper.”  Sorry, kid, not gonna fly.  But kudos for thinking of solutions.

Soon enough, she’ll see that first grade really is no big deal.  Nothing to be scared of here.  She did great when it was time to go to kindergarten so I know she’s got this.  Now I have to convince her.  And if I can’t, well, maybe Mrs. Jensen is hiring.

You got this.  Trust me. Photo: C. Stevenson

You got this. Trust me.
Photo: C. Stevenson


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