On the weekend, there is really no such thing as “me time” in my house. Like it or not, I’m the go to. Mommy, can I have water? I want park. Mommy, I’m hungry. Why is this Ninja turtle so green?  I want juice. Mommy, can I draw? I want show. …You get the picture.

Even if I try to have “me time” amidst the whirlwind of activities and chores, the only thing I can manage is a book, and then I get about 2 pages in before another interruption or request. I’m conflicted though, because the last thing I want to do after I’ve been working all week, is to be away from my kids for any extended period of time on the weekend.

But recently, I decided that some “me time” might be just the thing I need to give myself a little boost and a brief break on the weekend. I landed on what I feel is the perfect activity. It’s not too long or too far away, and not expensive either. A pedicure!

If you’ve never gotten one, pedicures are amazing. They’re more than just a coat of nail polish, they’re a leg and foot massage too. Plus, in the nail salon, everyone is pretty quiet, and there are magazines everywhere. It takes about an hour and is the perfect amount of rest from the hustle and bustle of every day life. I’ve started going about every 3-4 weeks this summer. It’s been a real treat.

Sometimes, a little “me time” is necessary, for you, your health, and a happy family. I hope you have something you love doing that gives you a nice amount of rest on the weekend, but if you don’t, take a seat, literally (did I mention it’s a massage chair) and enjoy a pedicure!

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