Seriously, we are not.

We are most definitely not ever trying to have another kid. In fact, we are certainly never, ever, not ever in a million years going to have another baby (note: I didn’t say “kid”). Ever.

But people will still ask.

We have 2 boys and we are totally fulfilled. Our family is complete. We are so sure that we got rid of any donor sperm in storage. I had a medical procedure that solidifies my inability to have another child. My wife is 47 and was on bed rest for 8 weeks of her pregnancy with our oldest. There will be no more babies coming from us.

But people still ask.

And when they ask, they seem to think we’re being short-sighted. Or maybe they can still convince us. Maybe they think it’s not too late. “Don’t you now want that adorable little girl that you can dress in pink and have tea parties with?”

Um, no. First of all (cough), what makes you think if I had a little girl, she’d like pink and tea parties. Second of all, I can most definitely have the pinkness and tea parties with my 4 year old son anytime.

If you ask for our reasons, you may get answers akin to “because we are better at man-to-man defense than zone defense” or “because we don’t want our kids to outnumber us”.

There are many reasons but…does it matter to anyone but us?



Hey, I certainly have nothing against any parents who want to have 3 kids, or 5 or 9. Knock yourselves out. It’s not for us. So, I’m making it official by putting it in writing. We’re done.

It doesn’t matter what gender my kids are, if I had 2 girls or 1 boy/1 girl, my wife and I would still be done. In fact, she asked me within minutes of me giving birth to our 2nd child if and when we could get rid of the remaining sperm in storage. That’s just us. Our decision, our reasons.

I know many people ask these questions and it’s pretty harmless. I won’t get annoyed and will mostly still to a smart ass response. But for anyone who asks me, don’t waste your breath thinking you will actually change my mind.

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