A frequent, shall we say, topic of discussion in our household is the fact that I continually find myself with little to no “me time”. I’m not the kind of person who needs a whole weekend at the spa or on a vacation with friends (though I’m not saying I’d turn that down…hint, hint...), but generally, my only time away from the kids is when I’m working or catching up on weekend chores around the house. If there were a pie chart of my “Weekly Kid-Free Hours” it would look something like this:

(Image made by me on this site: https://imgflip.com/piemaker)

(Carefully crafted scientific chart made by me on this site: https://imgflip.com/piemaker)

Last week, as I again noted my lack of “me time” aloud and with much sighing for dramatic effect, my husband brought to my attention the fact that I have no hobbies. None. What do I want to do with my “me time”? As if the Universe wanted to really drive that point home, I was recently asked to write a short bio of myself for work, including hobbies and outside interests. “Cooking!” I thought. “Cooking is a hobby!” But then I quickly realized I don’t cook because I just love making balanced dinners so much…I do it because I want my family to eat healthy food. “Reading! Ha! I like to read!” I thought. However, for the past six years, my reading has consisted of job-related books or parenting-related books. Is that a hobby? Even shopping, which I always cringed at whenever I thought of it as a “hobby” of mine, has taken a backseat. I love to shop for my kids, but I hate shopping for myself. I imagined my work bio reading “Sarah’s hobbies include shopping for reasonably-priced, coordinated outfits for her sons at outlet malls, begrudgingly blending carrots into tomato sauces, and reading about conflict resolution in early childhood classrooms.” I sound like a party, right?!

I used to have hobbies. I used to like to travel, do ceramics, paint, scrapbook, workout, try new restaurants, and cook for enjoyment. Pre-kids, I was downright fun, darn it!

So…what happened?? I need a fun intervention. I need to somehow create more time for myself, and I need to figure out what I am supposed to do during that time. I love my kids, and I certainly love doing activities with them, but I seem to have forgotten that I can do things on my own, too. I guess this is my call to arms for my fellow moms…have hobbies! Do fun things. Maybe some of you have even managed to continue doing fun things throughout your years as a mom. Either way, please clue me in as to what those fun things are*, because it has been awhile over here.


*I know some of you think running and working out count as fun things, and more power to you. That’s awesome. But to me, those are the moving-around equivalent to hiding veggies in my tomato sauce. 

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