Our daughter is already 2 ½ years old and lately I have been feeling some pressure, not from anyone in particular, to think about having another child. One side of me is happy with just her, yet the other side wants to have another. Maybe it’s because I don’t want her to experience the negatives of being an only child like me.

Don’t get me wrong, there were many, wonderful times when I enjoyed being an only child, such as getting spoiled as a little girl and having my own room. However, as I grew older, I became lonely and really wanted a “permanent friend.” My parents are not getting any younger, in fact, they are starting to have health issues (none serious thank God), and it’s a lot of mental pressure to be the only one taking care of them. I wish I had a sibling to lean on and share personal things with, that only siblings understand.

We’ve been going through a lot lately with renovating our house and it’s probably not the best time to be talking about it with my husband. When he’s not working or at the firehouse, he’s fixing up our house. Why would he want another child right now? And that’s exactly what he says.

Last week I talked with him about it and he said he never thought he would be the one to say, “one and done.” Yet, deep down inside he doesn’t want our daughter to be an only child. I looked at him and said we are not getting younger, that if we don’t have another in the next few years, she might just be an only child. I guess time will tell. Also, part of me doesn’t know if I want to go through the newborn stage again, particularly the sleepless nights (selfish I know). I have no idea if I can handle two and there’s no turning back when I get pregnant. What scares me is that unlike when you purchase a new outfit, babies do not come with receipts. You can’t return them, they are yours for life.

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