My husband John and I decided several months ago that we wouldn’t be taking a summer vacation.  I need to save all of my vacation time to attend upcoming doctors’ appointments with my father (another post to follow about that, I’m sure).  Then, about a month ago, John asked me if I would mind if he took the kids to visit his sister in North Carolina.  If HE took the kids…ALONE…

First reaction?  Instant panic.  How would he fly with them alone?  What if they needed to use the bathroom in the airport or plane?  What about car seats while they’re there?  Would he be able to get up with them every night if they didn’t sleep well?  What if they wandered off and he didn’t notice?!!  As you can see, I’m a worst case scenario kind of person.  I’m working on that.

Second reaction?  FIVE DAYS BY MYSELF??!!  WOOOHOOO!!!  Since my kids were born in 2008 and 2009, I’ve spent zero 24-hour periods by myself.  Immediately, my mind started racing with everything I would be able to do during that time.


The list includes:

  • Organizing my pantry/fridge/freezer and then cooking/baking to freeze food for later
  • Completely cleaning my basement that looks like something out of an episode of “Hoarders”


  • Catching up on the 30+ movies that have been sitting in my Netflix queue for years
  • Reading at least two (adult, without pictures) books
  • Taking nightly bubble baths with one of said books, scented candles and no interruptions!!
  • Using gift cards I’ve had forever for a facial and a massage
  • Going to 6am bootcamp and not blowing it off just because that would be an additional hour to myself at home
  • Trying not to eat junk food daily and nightly which is what I seem to do when I’m alone

Of course, I would probably need months to accomplish everything on this list.  The reality is that I’ll still be working three of the five days they’ll be gone so I’ll most likely come home, park myself on the couch and do NOTHING until I fall asleep with the TV on or a book in front of me.  And that’s okay.  I’m hoping that no matter what I wind up doing, I’ll feel simultaneously rejuvenated and relaxed by the time they get home.

And by the way, I’m going to miss them like crazy.  It’s going to be eerily quiet in my house. I’m not going to have anyone to tuck in, read stories to, bathe, dress, chauffeur, feed, snuggle.  I think by day two I’ll be ready for them to come home.  Stay tuned…

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