This weekend my children spent the entire weekend with their grandparents and my lovely spouse had to work. With the exception of dinner, I was free to do whatever I wanted to do. Sweet Freedom!

Do I nap before reading trash fiction or read before I nap? Or do I let the considerably smaller laundry pile upstairs or down, because I certainly wasn’t doing it before Sunday. Then I had to lecture myself to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. Strangely, my something new was spending time with people I haven’t seen in a while, rather than isolate. It’s so easy to let the routine of parenting get in the way of grown up time and when I have time, I really like to nap.

So, I sent out several texts and scheduled grown up time. An unexpected treat, was dinner with my aunt-in-laws on Friday. It was the start of a rather introspective weekend where I re-connected with important people in my life. That evening we spent most of dinner talking about supporting people through their healing process (physical and emotional) and trusting intuition. As someone committed to activities related to finding your voice and empowerment through compassion; I was thrown off guard to realize I have not committed to staying connected to these ideas or the people who most inspire me in this part of life.

The following morning I had breakfast with a colleague who ‘picked up’ a similar thread. We ate a decadent breakfast outside discussing what in work life brings meaning and fulfillment. What do I need to bring in to my work life to reconnect with my purpose? After this heavy conversation, I decided to change plans and hike for the afternoon. I spent the day in silence and with no particular purpose. I did get a nap in and managed a quiet dinner with my wife really talking.

After a rather reflective two days, I was excited to hang out with a friend and take a spin class together. It’s one of my favorite ways to exercise and I laughed the entire time. I very quickly transitioned back to full-time MOM by grocery shopping, cleaning, and cooking for the afternoon. My kids came home tired, ‘wound up’, and bored after a busy weekend; but I was glad they were home. I was glad I had time a part to appreciate them and the time I spent without them.

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