This week my husband has been on a business trip and I have been the sole caregiver for my 6 month old baby. I frequently travel for work, but my husband only journeys out of state once a year for work. He comes home tonight after midnight. But since this was my last morning of getting not only myself but my child ready and out the door in time to get to work, I feel like it is cause for celebration.

We survived the week!! WOO HOO!! At some points I didn’t know how we would, but we came out on the other side!

Here are my parting favors:

1. A ridiculously messy disaster of a house. Not only is there laundry spewed around my house but I am not sure I remembered to clean off the high chair tray last night (apparently green beans are more fun to smear with your hands than they are to eat.) Also this morning as I was racing to heat up water for the bottles for daycare, I shook one that did not have the top completely screwed on so formula and water splashed everywhere. I made an attempt to clean this, but I am sure the sticky mess is still hiding in crevices I did not see.

2. A stomach ache from eating not-too-healthy quick meals on the run and because I completely forgot to eat anything this morning for breakfast.

3. A few more gray hairs.

4. Dark blue bags under my eyes.

However, the baby is currently safe and sound at daycare in clean clothes. He has 4 bottles prepared for the day and a full stomach from his breakfast this morning. I am at work, walked in the door at one minute before 8:00 am, with clothes on that do not smell like formula or spit up. My hair is actually down, not tied up in a ponytail or bun as it has been many other days this week, and both shoes match!


Six month photo shoot!

We survived the 6 month photo shoot as well as his 6 month doctor appointment which included 3 shots. As many parents know, the reaction to shots often affects the rest of the day/night so the little one woke up every hour crying the majority of the night, but we still got a couple of hours of shut eye. (I wonder if it was pain or nightmares of the nurse giving him the shots that kept him up). And last but not least, the cat is still alive although her diet included a couple of rogue flies. I would count that as a win!

This week I realized just how much I depend on my husband, and I really value how much of a partner he is. Although I sometimes scoff at him as he may not do a task the same way I would, I realized how much harder life would be without him. So honey, if you are reading this, I love and appreciate you!

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