This is about that point every summer when my kids no longer care about their “book bucks” or whatever other cutesy reading incentive the local library has provided.  When I announce that it’s reading time, they cross their eyes, bodies go limp, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some foaming at the mouth.  Sound familiar?

Particularly devastating for a book lover, I was growing frustrated that reading was a chore, rather than a cherished past-time.  I *had* to get them to love reading again. So, I started with one of their other favorite hobbies: watching movies.

The kids and I have spent the summer reading books that have been made into movies, watching the movies, and then discussing the similarities or differences between the two.  I feel like I have my own miniature book club, with the most adorable participants ever – it’s been so fun! Well, except for the time when one movie didn’t match up with the book at all and they felt that combination of frustration and disgust so many of us book/film fans are familiar with.  Sorry kids. Tough lesson, but I suppose it had to be learned at some point…

The biggest surprise for me is how much my 3-year-old has gotten into it.  Yes, the chapter books we are reading are a stretch developmentally and her comprehension isn’t as strong as her older sibs, but she gets much more out of the books than I ever would have anticipated.

Here are the books we’ve read so far:

Princess and the Frog

How to Train Your Dragon

James and the Giant Peach

What should we read next??

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