Last week was probably the hardest week our family has ever had. Our daughter kept complaining that it burned “down below” after she urinated. We immediately took her to a walk in clinic, which of course occurred at 8:00 p.m. These “emergencies” never occur pre 5:00 p.m., it would just be too convenient.

We walked in and the doctor asked me what was wrong, in which I directed him to our two-year old who clearly can state how she’s feeling. After she told him what was wrong, he said, “There’s no way at two-years old that she has a UTI, it’s just too unlikely.” He told us that most likely it was a cut or just a phase she was going through.

Going against my better judgment, I listened to him and not my daughter. That was Thursday night and by Sunday morning she spiked a temperature and we immediately brought her to the Emergency Room, while on vacation might I add. She told the emergency room doctor the same statement she told the other doctor the week prior. Unfortunately, to confirm a UTI in a child they need to be cauterized. This completely broke my heart and I felt so bad that our little girl had to go through something so uncomfortable. The results came back quickly that confirmed, in fact, she had a UTI!

"Of course we color in an Emergency Room, what else would you do.?"

“Of course we color in an Emergency Room, what else would you do.?”

“I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!” I said to my husband. “I should have listened to her.” Both of us felt like parents of the year after we realized she was really telling us the truth. The moral of the story is no matter who tells you differently, always, always listen to your children. If they are hurting or in pain, it’s because something really is going on and even if a doctor says otherwise, always trust your child and your parenting instinct.

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