I’m a runner, always have been. Given that, I came to love running after I had my first child. I love the way running makes me feel, think, and look. I love getting to be outside and experience the seasons, regardless of the weather. And, I love getting to share this love with my kids. My son was in the baby jogger the moment the internet told me he could, the same with my daughter who arrived three years later to join him in a double jogger.

Recognizing that not everyone can access a jogger, that not all children enjoy them, and that my children couldn’t squeeze into that jogger forever, I have really enjoyed the opportunities we have together to go on runs. Our runs have certainly changed over time and now consist of my son asking a lot of questions about everything he sees or has heard and my daughter singing. There are occasional complaints, but for the most part, our runs together are wonderful.

But, since my son turned 5 and began attending summer camp, our runs together have become almost non existent and I began to wonder if the days of the double jogger and family runs were over.

don job bikeThen, yesterday, when I was just a little too exhausted to wake up early for a run before work, I decided mid-day that I would try my luck and take the kids on a run after work with my daughter in the jogger and my son on his bike. He learned to ride a two wheeler this summer, sans training wheels. He’s not very fast and still struggles with hills, but he can ride. We have been taking family bike rides through the neighborhood and he does really well so I decided to give it a try.

So, off we went. And, although slower and with a bit more stops, we got a run in, together. We were outside on a beautiful evening, together, and we talked, about anything and everything.

The change happened without much fanfare and although it’s time to retire the double jogger, our days of family runs are far from over. As with all things, this too will change. He will get faster and stronger and older… But for now, I’m going to enjoy the new view. It may be different but its still quite amazing. Happy running!

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