Ahhhhhh……this weekend I had the whole house to myself! My dearest hubby (after returning from a 10 day mountain bike race in Canada) took our three boys to their grandparents house in Maine so I could have some much-needed recharge time after my stint as a single parent.  I have to say we are getting better at replenishing ourselves and supporting each other’s replenishments. It’s sooooo nice.

The highlights of my weekend alone:

* The looking forward to it part! All week I was able to absorb and cherish each moment with my family, knowing that I’d be getting some time to myself. The anticipation of it was almost just as good!

* Grocery shopping for only MY food at the grocery store. I love doing this!

* Bubble baths by candle-light with soft music playing and only my pets to keep my company.

* Staying in bed late each morning to read. Definitely one of my favorite parts!

* Walks in the woods with just me and  my doggie, Lilah ~ we had our “girl-time.”

* I had a migraine all day on Saturday and while that’s not exactly magic, I experience monthly migraines and I’m always wishing to be alone whilst in the midst. If I had to have a migraine, I’m so grateful I was able to do what I wanted to do….absolutely NOTHING!

* Watching two movies in bed. (“Erin Brockovich” and “Trouble With the Curve.” )

* Getting texts, calls and pictures from my boys who had a great time with their grandparents.

* Not having to pick up messes! NONE!

* Being able to hear myself think!

* Really enjoying my own company while also looking forward to having everyone coming home. A weekend without my family was enough to replenish myself and reflect on how awesome I have it.

Now bring on the chaos!

Happy Magical Monday. ♥

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