Do you have those moments when you look at your kid and you think, “I just have to take a picture of this very moment?”  One look at my iPhone and you’d see that happens quite often for me.

The other night I was putting Lenny to bed.  He had just nursed himself to sleep and I was able to transition him up onto my shoulder for one last snuggle.  His sweaty hair, pouty lips, his sweet, sleepy face…I just had to capture it.  I thought my husband would want to see how cute he looked at that exact moment in time.

After each click of the camera, I paused to look at the image on the screen.  No, that wasn’t what I saw.  Despite positioning my camera to try to depict my exact viewpoint, none of the pictures I took were quite right.

I switched gears to take a selfie; maybe then I could show what I saw, as if through someone else’s eyes.  But no, even though this way I could show my sweet boy reaching up to put his hand on my chest, the pictures still didn’t look exactly like my own view.

Still convinced I could capture the right moment, I tried again to show Lenny from my viewpoint.  As cute as he looked in each photo I took, none matched what I was seeing.

You know those cartoons where they depict someone in love by giving them heart-shaped eyes?  If you had seen my face at that moment, I would have looked the same.  That is why none of the pictures I took looked right.  This moment was meant just for me.  My view at that moment was ours alone; a picture just wouldn’t do it justice.  I put the camera down and snuggled Lenny for a little while longer, enjoying our moment, enjoying him, and enjoying my heart-shaped view.

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