I have to be honest, I feel a little blah and indifferent about the impending start of school for the kids. I feel like I should be rejoicing about back-to-school time just like all the other moms who are just burned out from a summer’s worth of attempting-to-entertain-the-restless-masses time.

But it went by too fast. I’m not really rejoicing that summer is over. Maybe I’m in denial about back-to-school time. I feel a little like summer never happened. We didn’t go on vacation, I didn’t really spend much time by the pool and I didn’t really feel the anxiety about having to entertain the boys while school was out for summer.

But I see that my wife (who has been home with them during the daytime all summer) is quite happy to do the back-to-school dance every waking minute between now and 8 am Monday morning when BOTH of our boys get on the big yellow bus.

Yes, both of the boys. My youngest will be off to Kindergarten and he’s still not even 5 years old. I feel like I should be worried and full of anxiety about how he will do being one of the youngest kids in school. Maybe I should be second-guessing our decision to send him so young. But I’m not. He’s ready. He spent 2 years in preK in a school setting. He’s “ready to go” according to my mom (the superintendent), his 4 preschool teachers, the pediatrician, his brother, his mommies and Dylan himself.

So, here we are, at the last week of summer vacation and I’m not really ready for this push into the school year.

I decided today that I will stop ignoring the inevitable start of school and maybe start searching for some motivation to get into it. I loved school and want my boys to embrace their school careers, to find some purpose other than the “school sucks” chants that my 2nd grader already seems to have adopted.

Enter Kid President.

This is for all of the teachers and students getting ready for the 2014-2015 school year, whether you want it to happen or not. Have a great school year everyone!

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