Yesterday  I stayed home with Jake.  I was called to school the day before to pick him up early due to a fever, and he was just so blah and un-Jake like.  Sad, actually.  When it came time to make the call to keep him home for the day, his warm forehead did the talking.  A day at home nursing a sore throat and fever were on the agenda.

After we dropped Livvy off at daycare we stopped by my parent’s house for a little while.  It’s funny- Livvy will have been with us for a year next month, and having Jake all alone to myself for the day felt so strange! So different! And at times? Nice.  I can count on two hands the amount of times I’ve seen him over-react a little bit, act out, or just plain beg for attention from me when Livvy is around.  And who can blame him? A tiny baby really demands your attention like nothing I’ve ever seen.  Jake was used to being the top banana, and now here he is, trying to compete for Momma Time with his cute, needy, sweetly little sister.

All day yesterday there were no tantrums, no loud voices, no bopping any babies on the head (ahem, Jake…).  Instead?  Just pure Momma & Jake time, plain and simple.  My mom and I took Jake to the Dollar Store to let him pick out a few things to keep him busy during the day, and the entire trip was a dream.  He picked out a paint set, two motorcycles, a set of glow bracelets, and even some toys for Livvy, and a set of necklaces for me.  (Which I had to wear all day long, and did so. Proudly).  Then, off to Stew Leonard’s to let him pick out whatever he wanted to eat for lunch at home.


We watched the Disney Channel until nap time, and painted Jake and the Neverland Pirates with his new kit.  No fussing, no complaining, no arguing.  Just the two of us.  When it came time for me to pick up Livvy from school, the minute I walked into the room with her, Jake screamed, “OLIVIA!!!” and could not be more excited to see her and give her the toys he picked out for her.


At the end of the day when we put the Twosome to bed, I told my husband that Yes, there really is something to be said about giving your children one-on-one time.  We’d always talked about doing this when we had two kids- we wanted to make sure they each knew how special they were to us, and how much individually they mean to our family as a whole.

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