This weekend’s low-key vibe was awesome. I tend to overbook, but our calendar has been blissfully devoid of mega-plans. This freedom is my new key to enjoying summer. With loosely structured days, we got to do something that I’ve been wanting to do: family bike ride! Talk about cheap thrills.

Once upon a time, Dave and I went on a San Juan Island bike ride date, which was super fun. I occasionally commuted via bike. We both dabbled in riding when the sun was shining, we were childless, and most importantly, before we had a three bag minimum at all times.  Now the idea of biking seems like a novel hobby but not a feasible mode of commuting, and neither of us are hardcore bikers.

We inherited a bike trailer a few summers ago and were psyched to give it a spin. Our then two-year old didn’t care for the thrill of the open road, or the wind whipping through her hair, and whined most of the time. This made for a dreadful ride through the otherwise lovely reservoir. We kept the trailer in storage the following summer, as I was pregnant and unfit for tooling around on two wheels.

Canadians make biking with kids look so cool.

Canadians make biking with kids look so cool.

This year, I urged Dave to get the trailer out of the shed so we could take the girls on a bike ride. Judging by the chewed-up fabric and mouse turds, my biking ambitions uprooted a comfy mouse family. Nothing a little elbow grease and a dust-buster couldn’t handle. Dave pumped the tires while I got our family’s helmets to fit. I gathered snacks and drinks for the kids, less they freak out. And we pulled out our trump card: a trip to the playground if they were good passengers.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, we rode the residential street grid of our ‘hood to a nearby park. No major intersections or traffic to contend with, no lofty ambitions, no meltdowns. The girls had a great time, and so did we. Our new car came with a bike rack, which seemed like a great thing to sell on Craigslist, but now we may keep it…and use.

I love the activities we can start to do as our baby gets older.

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