A major rite of passage occurred in our family today.  A milestone worthy of being written down.  A day every mother of a baby girl dreams of.  My daughter, Olivia Marie, finally grew enough hair to be held back by a tiny baby hair clip.  OMG YES!!!!!  Cue the cutesy girlie emojis!  Post that ish up on instagram! Tweet the heck out of it!  And for the love of all things frilly, post it up on FACEBOOK!  Can you tell I’m excited?

hair clip

Yes. it was a huge event this morning.  With much fanfare, picture taking, and clapping.  Livvy was probs like, “Ma, really? The clapping? The squealing? And why are you taking 24 pictures of me and not giving me my yogurt snacks?” To say I was excited is putting it lightly.  You see, I made these little baby hair clips when I was pregnant with Livvy.  It was the middle of the summer last year, it was hot as hell out, and the only thing keeping me sane at 8 months pregnant in the heat was sitting inside my cool central air-conditioned kitchen, crafting.  I must have made 20 of these little hair clips in one afternoon.  And here we are, almost one year later, and Girlfriend is WEARING one of them!!  They were super easy to make, and if you have an assembly like set up, you’ll bang out a whole bunch in no time at all.  And they are SO CUTE.

Here’s how I made them- Posie Gets Cozy has a super tutorial on her website.

I got my supplies here:

Wool Felt

Hair Clips

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