This past week, I followed in some of my fellow bloggers footsteps, by spending more quality, one-on-one time with my daughter. It felt rewarding and fulfilling to “just be.” From taking long walks in the morning and evening, to coloring and making special treats for the week, it really was so nice just to give my daughter all of my attention and energy. The laundry and dishes piled up and the dog hair piles grew on the floor, but you know what, who cares, because I had a blast with her.

I recently read somewhere that moms “rush through each moment.” We do this in an effort to stay sane and keep whatever amount of energy we have left going, but at what cost? I often rush through each moment too, rushing through bath, rushing to get her dressed, fed, rushing to get her out the door for doctor appointments, and to be quite honest, it has to be super annoying and frustrating for her, as it is for me.

This week, we’ve changed things up a bit. We are taking on things at a slower pace, taking our time and if that means we are late to something, so be it. Here is a list of ways I’m trying to make a change:

–        On the mornings I wake up with M, I put the phone down, snuggle with her on the couch and savor the moment of her wanting to be with me.

–        In the afternoons, we take 2-3 walks outside and the phone stays in the house, not in the stroller.

–        After dinner, she helps me clean up and as a treat, we play outside with the sprinkler or build a fort in the house.

–        I no longer check my phone in traffic or at red lights, instead, I spend those few minutes (which had up to hours each month) talking with M about her day.

–        Some mornings when Mike gets up with her, I surprise them by sneaking down the stairs to make breakfast. We eat the breakfast outside and go for a walk afterwards (we like walks can’t you tell?!)

–        At night, if she wants to spend an extra five minutes in the bath, who the hell cares. If it makes her happy and I get to spend a few more minutes with her, so be it.

–        On the days that are tough, where I’m tired/she’s crabby, we do put the TV and watch a program or two. Unlike before, where I would just go on my phone, we snuggle and have a little snack.

I’ve noticed a change in her mood and mine. I am less stressed when I am on my phone, because I am not worrying about Facebook, my email or TMZ! It all can wait and at the end of the day, I want to say that I spent my free time with my daughter, rather than staying on top of all the trending social media activity for the day.

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