This Magical Monday I’m grateful:

* For asking my kids to step it up at home with chores and helping out. This came with a raise in allowance ~ and me actually giving a weekly allowance rather than just doing it randomly. Not only is there a better flow and harmony in the household, they are enjoying saving their money instead of spending it. BONUS!

* That the morning glory blossoms are numbering in the 100’s lately! (My 3 year old and I still go out every morning to count them.)

* For my chiro/energy worker. This chick GETS me and speaks my woo-woo language. Just LOVE her! She’s been helping me move and release a lot of energy the past few days.

* For our little kittens, who are growing so fast. They spoon and hug each other when they sleep and it’s so freakin’ cute. They’ve been with us 2 months now and they bring so much joy, laughter and entertainment to our family.

* Big Macs. Yes, I love them and I’m not afraid to admit it. Had one for dinner Friday night.

* My 9 year old starts a series of science classes for homeschoolers at the Children’s Museum in West Hartford. He did this in the spring and absolutely loved it. He’s been looking forward to this all summer. Not only does he like being with his friends and learning about chemistry, astronomy, biology, etc, he REALLY likes the full-day break he gets from his little brothers.

* Trip to BJ’s with my two littler boys today. They love going and I love a fully stocked kitchen.

* My husband is pretty damn awesome.

* ROKU! I love watching no commercial TV! Hubby and I have watched 10 seasons of Frasier so far.

What are you grateful for this Magical Monday? ♥

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