Livvy, who is now a WALKER- I know, right?! How did that happen to my sweet tiny one-year-old babygirl?!  Moved up to the big time last week.  Yep, it’s offic- Livvy moved out of the tiny baby room, and into the Wobbler Room at school.  With that, came our first homework assignment- bring in a picture of your family.  Sure! No Problem!  I’ll just scan through our photo albums and bring up a picture of the four of us.  But wait.  There are no pictures of the four of us.  Well, no recent ones, anyway!  There are beautiful family portraits from last year’s Christmas card when Livvy was just shy of two months old, and bald as a billiard ball- a far cry from where we are today, I might add.  I quickly scanned my iPhone (or as I like to call it, my CAMERA), and nothing.

A bazillion pics of the kids.




The kids and myself.



The kids and Mike.



The kids and my parents.




Mike and I getting photobombed by a beluga whale, but, um…. None of the four of us all staring at the camera at the same time, and in the same frame.  I had to remedy that, and fast!




So, we had a little homework assignment to complete last weekend!  We took the family (and photographers ie: my parents) down to Essex, and went to Marley’s for lunch.  Marley’s is a great place- it’s on an island- for real- at the Essex Island Marina- and you take a little ferry boat from the dock to the island, oh, about 5 yards away.  Marley’s is one of our family’s favorite summer places- the food is amazingly delicious- New England comfort food mixed with grilled fish tacos and Cuban sandwiches.  It’s BYOB, and kids can literally spend the afternoon running around the beautiful lush grass, lounging in the shade under a tree, or simply relaxing at a table at Marley’s with coffee and lunch.  After we ate, we had my mom attempt family picture number one.  And wouldn’t you know it? It was the money shot!!  All of us- including the tiny baby- looking at the camera and SMILING!  ALL AT THE SAME TIME!  It was nothing short of a miracle, to say the least.  Which also brings up a great point- pass the camera, and have someone take pics of the whole family!  Who wants to be out of the picture?  No one!  And remember- family portraits are not just for Christmas cards anymore!





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