My husband rocks at fatherhood and there is just something so special about loving him more through our daughter’s eyes. She just lights up like the sun when she’s with him. I can’t blame her.

This week’s post is a photo tribute to just how awesome of a father he really is! I love you Mike.


Because you always remember to bring crayons to any restaurant

Because you expose M to new types of foods (sushi anyone?!)

Because you always make time for her to snuggle even if you are swamped with work at night

 photo 3

Because you love morning snuggles in bed

Because you are the strong hands that protect her in scary situations (too many ER visits to count)


Because you know what to do to keep her busy in the ER – coloring anyone?

345 (3)

Because you teach her how to respect animals

Because you love another handy helper at Home Depot


Because even after working 80+ hours at the end of session, you still want her to come visit and play


Because you both share an appreciation for tractors (sorry, I don’t!)


Because you love teaching her how to fix things by herself (sorry contractors)

Because you just know how to make her feel comfortable when she’s sick


Because you surprise us by visiting at MOMS club birthdays/playgroups


Because you’re not embarrassed to get down to some toddler music at 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday


Because you’ve told her she can be anything she wants to be when she grows up


Because you don’t care that you’re sitting in an all woman’s salon getting your daughter’s hair cut

Because you always teach her right from wrong

Because you teach her love and respect


Because sometimes it’s just wonderful having you by our side

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