Remember when the sound of little feet the was music we danced to week to week.  Brought back the love, we found trust, vowed we’d never give it up.  Remember When?  



Oh, little Olivia Marie.  You are ONE!  This is the part where Momma takes thoughts to keyboard and types up your first year birthday blog post.  I can’t believe this is the second time I’ve featured a one year birthday post up here.  Jake’s birthday post was filled with the lyrical Harry Chapin’s “All My Life’s a Circle” and you, Girlfriend, have the sweet honey drawl of Alan Jackson.  Remember When, ran through my head and in my iPhone speaker many, many times during the twelve weeks we hung out together after you were born.  There were tears during those weeks, some mine, and some yours, and without fail, every time this song came on, the tears were mine.  And, for full disclosure, there was also a lot of Katy Perry’s Roar playing on repeat, but, well, that’s for a different post, on a different day.

Remember when thirty seemed so old, now looking back, it’s just a stepping stone.  To where we are, where we’ve been, said we’d do it all again, remember when?




You came on a beautiful early autumn morning.  It was 9:50 a.m., during the third hour of the Today Show, that I held you in my arms.  To say you surprised us all with your early arrival is an understatement!  Nonni and Poppy barely made it to the hospital in time!  And oh how much you were loved from the very beginning.  Your sweet, sweet face, my face, looking right back at me.  My little Mini Me.  And now you are one.  And oh, the personality you have come to own!




You love- no- Idolize- your big brother, Jake, and he completely and utterly adores you.  The two of you are quite the pair.  My Twosome.  Following each other around the house like a tiny pack of ducklings.  You and your brother are each other’s best friend, and you will not start your day without a hug from each other.  Oh, and for now, Jake is “just borrowing” all of the toys you own.  Especially that life sized yellow lab stuffed animal that used to be in your room… We may actually end up buying another one of those to keep the peace…




Remember when we said when we turn grey, when the children, grow up and move away, we won’t be sad, we’ll be glad, for all the life we’ve had, and we’ll remember when.

Two years ago when I wrote your brother’s year in review, I said as soon as he came into our lives he made your father and I into a family.  But you, dear, sweet Livvy, YOU complete us.  You were the missing piece this family was waiting for.  This beautiful family of four.



*Professional photos by Janelle Melnyk Photography*

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