I find that one of the hardest things to do is to “turn it off” when walking in the front door. And by “turn it off,” I mean “get into loving mommy mode after a frustrating angst-ridden day at work.” Of course, ideally, we (meaning me) would be much better at not letting work getting to a place of angst in our head. But sometimes, it’s not that simple.

I commuted to my job for over 8 years. The commute ranged from 25 minutes to 60+ minutes depending on the job (both are above the norm in CT)

But that commute was my decompress time. I had books on tape, I had satellite radio, I turned the phone off and left work behind me. It didn’t stop or eliminate the stress of the to-do list that grew daily, but it gave me the opportunity to walk in the front door to my family without the pent up angst of the work day.

Now, my commute is 6 minutes. I’m definitely not complaining about the drive time, but that’s the only decompress time before I walk into the door, see my wife for 2 minutes as she heads out the door for work and then I am single mom for the night.

I am working on finding other ways to leave the work stress behind me with a much shorter transition to my home. It’s not easy but

I don’t want to walk into my home from work with this black cloud of frustration or hurriedness from the day. I don’t want to be short-tempered when I walk in because it was a bad day at work.

My newest plan is trying a 5 minute sit in the car before pulling out, then putting Radio Margaritaville on for the ride home. I’ve also promised myself not to get full of road rage (which where we live is surprisingly easy even in a 2.6 mile commute). As I’m listening to Jimmy Buffett, I give the first 5 acts of scary and horrific driving a “free pass” and don’t honk, yell or get fired up about it. I may need to stretch this to 7-8 acts of bad driving.

How do you decompress after work so you don’t bring the stress home?

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