Every summer, a flock of high school and college interns flock to my company for something like 12 weeks to do various projects and gain experience that will hopefully be useful after they graduate. Why I didn’t think of doing something like this when I was their age (did I just say that?) is beyond me.

This summer’s crop made me feel pretty freaking old.  Here’s a little “then and now” comparison… to make me feel even older. Cause old people can do things like this.

  • THEN:  At my first “real” job, if someone needed to know how to do something on their computer, it was all me. (Granted, we were communicators, not programmers, so Photoshop was about as fancy as I got.)  I would spend a minute poking through brand new programs, figure out whatever was needed, and magically make things happen.
  • NOW:  I sat with our intern one day this summer while he posted something to the intranet for us.  I’ve been working with this particular program for two years.  In the four minutes I sat with him, he had already taught me two things I’d never realized the program could do. #old
  • THEN:  I posted pictures of my college friends up all over my desk with a countdown until alumni weekend.
  • NOW:  I have pictures up all over my desk but they’re of my rugrats.  I just did the math – the high school interns are closer in age to Abby than they are to me. It won’t be long before I’ve been in the workforce longer than the interns have been alive. #old
  • THEN:  Not all that long ago (#old) – but before kids – I had a conversation with my colleagues about what time of night was too late to call someone at home.  They said 8.  I had said 11.
  • NOW:  WTF, old self?  Don’t anybody be calling me after 7 unless you’re in the ER.  We’ve got sleep schedules to uphold.  And once my kids are in bed, I don’t want to talk to anybody. #old
  • THEN:  At my first job, I used to make old jokes ALL THE DAMN TIME directed anyone more than 5 years older than me.  “Just wait” they’d tell me.
  • NOW:  I guess the wait is over. #old

Are kids even using hashtags anymore these days?  #old

The scary thing is that I’m not even THAT old… I’ve got like 30 more years of working ahead of me in which more and more rugrats will come into the workforce and tell me how old I am.  I should’ve thought this one through a little more thoroughly when I was 22.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 10.32.45 PM

Good lord! Our mom is so old!


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