Besides a few hiccups adjusting to Kindergarten, my son is absolutely loving learning new things and playing with kids his own age and so am I! I love watching him run on the playground before school, playing tag with his now fairly large group of friends. I never knew how cool it would be to watch him interact with other kids, but I could watch him run around with his friends for hours. So, when my schedule permits, that is just what I intend to do.

My son’s elementary school is pretty unique in that the overwhelming majority of students walk to school, so when the day lets out at 3:20, a large number of families hang around and let their kids play on the school playground. As a full time working mom, a 3:20 dismissal doesn’t typically work, but we were wait listed for the after care program until October, another tale for another blog, so I’ve actually gotten to pick up on a handful of occasions since he started school.

The majority of days I’ve used one of our babysitters to assist with the aftercare, but my daughter wasn’t feeling well yesterday, so I cancelled the babysitter and went to pick him up. It was a gorgeous day and although my daughter was sick, she is still a toddler after all, which means she had just as much energy sick as she does every other day. Some playground action was just what she needed after a day inside. We ended up staying at the school playground for over an hour!

It was a trip getting to see how the dynamics immediately shift between my son and daughter when he’s busy with his friends. I loved seeing my son negotiate with his friends or repeat the bizarre sayings my husband has taught him. My son didn’t talk to me for the entire time we were at the playground, and that was ok. I just watched and enjoyed him enjoying himself.

I can’t believe I have a kid now. It’s pretty cool and I must say, I am loving it.

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