Day 1:  Got a full workout in BEFORE work. And it wasn’t at 5am!  No little people to dress or feed and no one to drive anywhere! I have all the time in the wooooorrrrllld! (picture me, arms spread wide, spinning in a circle a la Sound of Music). Also, didn’t have to check my clothes for smeared banana before leaving the hotel. A-mazing.


Day 2:  It’s starting to get a little quiet in this hotel room and I miss my babies.  But, I’m here for a reason so it’s time to buckle down and get some work done. If I’m going to be away from my family, you bet your ass it is going to be for a good reason and I’m coming home with a win! #letsdothisthing

Game Face

Day 3:  OMG! I completely forgot that we are nearly out of pull ups! And surely my kids have gone through all the milk in the house by now.  Did I tell my wife that the kids have a half day of school today??  Does she know where their soccer gear is for practice tonight?? Panicking about the dire straights my family must be finding themselves in, I quickly call my wife to review the list. Pull ups?! Got ’em yesterday. Milk?! On our way to the grocery store now. Half day at school?! Spent the afternoon having a blast at the playground and then laid out the soccer stuff so we’d be ready to go tonight! …Wait a minute…So what you’re saying is that I’m not there and yet everything is still running smoothly and things are under control??

Say What??

Day 4:  I’m over it. I’ve gained 10lbs from room service and wine (world’s smallest violin, I know, I know) and all I want is my bed. I laugh at the me of 10 years ago when I was starting out my career and looked forward to the day that I would travel for work. It seemed so glamorous. Business trips would mean I’ve made it to the big leagues!  Update: there is NOTHING glamorous about business travel.  I have 1 pair of shoes for the entire week and I forgot my toothbrush at home so I’ve been using the complementary one from the hotel with exactly 4 bristles on it. I’d be better off using cardboard.


Day 5:  MY BABIES, MY BABIES, MY BABIES, MY BABIES!!!! I need to go home now and squeeze my babies!! This is by far the longest I’ve ever been away from them and I hope to NEVER EVER do it again (until next year).  Surely my spouse will be expecting me to come home refreshed and rejuvenated, but the truth is, being away from home and family is completely draining.  I’m mentally and physically exhausted and am giddy for the moment that I walk through the front door and my kids scream, “Mommy’s home!!!”

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