Jake & Miss Elana/Mommy

Not a weekend goes by that my three and a half year old year old, Jake, calls me by his preschool teacher’s name.  And you know what? I think it is literally THE CUTEST thing ever.  Sometimes he catches himself, and corrects himself mid-sentence, but most of the time, he just plain calls me by her name.  And really, though, I can’t help but smile and say to my husband, “Did you just hear that!?” Oh it makes my heart MELT!

I bet some of you out there might be gasping, and saying to yourself, “See! That’s why I hate that I work, and I’m not home all the time with my child!  He is spending so much time at school that he think’s his teacher is his mother!  He totally called me by his teacher’s name!”  Wait up a minute here!  I see this completely the opposite way.  To me, this means that the love and attention my son gets at school from his teacher matches the love and attention he gets at home.  So, do I mind it when Jake says, “Miss Elana can I have some milk?” in the morning?  Not at ALL!  I think it’s even cuter when he says, “Miss Elana-Mommy”  and corrects himself mid-question, so it comes off sounding more like, “MissElanaMommy!” And again, doesn’t bother me in the least.

Miss Elana, his beloved teacher, rubs his back at nap time, opens up his Go Gurt yogurt at lunch time, and brings him into the baby room at school to visit his sister when he asks.  All things I do for him at home, Miss Elana does for him at school.  It’s total piece of mind for me, as a mother, to know that my kids are in a loving environment at school, during the time that I spend at work.  It’s times like these that further reinforce that I made the right decision to not only work out of the home, but to have chosen the perfect place for them to be cared for during the day.  Whether it’s Miss Elana or Mommy getting the milk out of the fridge, or opening up snacks, it’s done lovingly, and with the care that any Mom would do.

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