Ohhh Jake.  You must’ve missed the memo.  The one where you were supposed to be the easy one.

I’ve already got one who has a team of specialists and therapists.  We were going to have a second baby, it was going to be a boy, and he was going to be so perfect he would practically raise himself.

We had the ultrasounds…
– First one to make damn well sure there was only one of you.  Check (and thank god.)
– Second one to make sure you were a boy.  (Although I may have secretly hoped for a girl… cause umm more dresses.)  Check.
I should’ve known you were going to give me a run for my money at the 5th ultrasound, a complete 2 weeks past your due date.

27 hours of labor and four hours of pushing brought me you, my “easy one,” all 10 pounds and 11-ounces of you. (Don’t you think I’ll ever let you forget it.) And then you found yourself in the NICU with an IV in your head at 10 hours old.  Of course.  (Thankfully, you were fine.)

Before you’d even spent one day at daycare, you’d had pink eye, several colds, RSV and your very own nebulizer.  In the 12 weeks of my maternity leave, we’d found ourselves in the pediatrician’s office 12 times.

Your first year went on and you progressed swiftly through all your baby stages… which was amazing, considering you had four ear infections, two chest infections, one evil case of Hand-Foot-Mouth disease, and today…

oh, today.

(Well, first a very short backstory.  Abby’s been seeing an opthamologist since she was 2 weeks old.  Her eyes were wonky from the beginning and with Down syndrome as well as a family history of bad eyes, we were all over her eyesight from the very beginning.  She’s had glasses since she was 7 months old (super cute, letmetellyou) and had surgery shortly thereafter. So when Jake was born, I toted him along to her next regular eye doctor appointment and asked the doc, “hey, what about him?”  Doc says, “He’s probably fine but why don’t you bring him in next time just to make sure.”  OK sounds reasonable.  What could possibly go wrong?

Today, Doc says holds his little magnifying glass thing up to Jake’s dialated eye and says “Yeah nope, he’s worse than she is.”


“Easy Kid” is blinder than his blind sister*!

I’ve got no problem with him needing glasses EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT HE NEEDS GLASSES.  I have glasses.  Sister has glasses.  That’s a third pair of glasses we will constantly be cleaning, fixing on his face, finding in the dark, replacing, paying for, etc., etc., etc.

Sigh.  I have nothing left to say.

Except, Not-so-easy Kid, it’s a dang good thing you’re cute. I love you to the moon and back.

*Exaggeration.  Neither are literally blind.  Although he’s pretty damn close.

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